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  • POOL HOUSE                       7 AM - 12 MIDNIGHT
  • RESTAURANT                      7 AM - 10 PM
  • LOUNGE                              10 AM - 12 MIDNIGHT 
  • AURORA CAFE           7 AM - 12 MIDNIGHT
  • FRONT DESK                       24 HOURS


Chena Hot Springs Resort

Founded over 100 years ago, Chena Hot Springs is the most developed hot springs destination in Alaska. World famous for it's legendary healing mineral waters, beautiful Aurora Borealis displays in the winter, renewable energy projects and the Aurora Ice Museum-a year round geothermal technology wonder. Also enjoy an "Appletini" at the Aurora Ice Bar! Chena Hot Springs Resort is a great destination for any time of the year.

Visit us and enjoy the healing mineral waters of the natural outdoor hot springs Rock Lake, outdoor hot tub, or indoor family pool. Relax and enjoy the waters while soaking and viewing the Northern Lights above when possible.

Located 60 scenic miles from downtown Fairbanks, Chena Hot Springs Resort is an excellent place to view the aurora from late August until May. The Resort's remote location also creates a perfect environment for viewing wildlife up close.

Visit the Activity Center to book one of the many activities and services, and prepare for your next adventure. A variety of winter or summer activities are available depending upon the time of your visit.

Don't forget to make an appointment for Harmony Massage at the Pool House desk!

Plan to tour the unique Aurora Ice Museum maintained by World Ice Art Champions, Steve and Heather Brice. Book an amazing Ice Sculpting Extravaganza Package with them to learn hands on ice carving with the experts!  

A marvel of renewable energy engineering, the Aurora Ice Museum is operational year-round using the same geothermal energy that heats and powers the Resort.

Chena Hot Springs Resort has many options available for accommodations. Visit our reservations section of the site to book online or call (907) 451-8104 x 0 to make reservations. Resort Rooms check-in is at 4PM and check-out is at 11AM. All rooms are non smoking. 

You do not have to spend the night to enjoy all the adventures of Chena Hot Springs Resort! The Resort is a great place for day-trippers too who want to come out for the day or evening. (There are no reservations required for day-trippers).

There is always plenty to do and a welcoming atmosphere!

Whether you are looking for a relaxing break from the everyday or searching for a bit of adventure, you do not want to miss the charm and beauty of Chena Hot Springs Resort.

*For directions on how to reach Chena Hot Springs Resort, please visit the Directions to the Resort section of our site located on the top left section of this page.              

Lodge Rooms - Check in is at 4PM and Check out is at 11AM. All rooms are non smoking. 


Cell Phone service at the Resort is limited to ACS Alaska & Verizon networks. Currently, AT&T, GCI, Sprint, T-Mobile do not have reception at this time. 


WiFi Internet is now availale at the resort!  Currently, the Activity Center, Pool, and Restaurnat/Bar are now WiFi accesible. More areas will be available in the near future. $8 per 24 hour period. Please pay for your service at the Activity Center Desk. 



Due to the extreme volume of lost and found items at the resort, it is recommended that you communicate with the lost and found staff via email. Please be as specific as possible when contacting us regarding your lost item as many items are similar.  In regards to retrieving your item you have several choices.  You may pick up the item at our corporate office in North Pole, have it sent via mail, or it may be held for you at the resort front desk.  In the event that you wish to have your item sent to you in the mail, you are responsible for all shipping and handling charges.  At the lost and found department, it is our #1 goal to re-unite you with your lost item and we take great pleasure in doing so.  If you have a lost item and would like to start a case please email us today at lostandfound@chenahotsprings.com


Due to our extreme temperatures during the winter months, it is recommended that our driving guests carry an extension cord in their vehicle for engine heaters and battery chargers. Limited plug-ins are available at the resort for guest use but are first come first serve.

Navigating the road to the resort is one of the most pleasant experiences you could ever imagine.  As with any Alaskan road it can be dangerous and unpredictable, especially in the winter.  Please drive safe and check the road conditions before you set out on your journey.  Please visit the road conditions section and check it for updates regularly.  Please drive safe and remember to stop and help your fellow motorist if they appear to need assistance.  It’s the law and the right thing to do!

The road to Chena is full of wonderful sights and sounds, including wildlife of all species.  The Alaskan Moose is one of the most common sights.  Please be prepared to encounter moose in all their glory and marvel in their presence.  They are a very majestic creature but please slow down when you see them.  They can be unpredictable and dangerous, especially when startled.  Always slow down and give them plenty of space.  Never approach them and always observe them from a distance.



We only accept the following credit cards for payment for rooms, activities, meals, etc. at the resort. VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and JCB.  There is an ATM machine in the main lodge for your convenience.


Corporate Office - Physical: 2040 Richardson Highway, North Pole, AK 99705

Corporate & Resort Mailing: P.O. Box 58740, Fairbanks, AK 99711

Resort Physcial - 17600 Chena Hot Springs Road, Fairbanks, AK 99712

Corporate Office Main Telephone: (907) 488-1505 FAX (907) 488-4058

Chena Hot Springs Resort: (907) 451-8104  FAX (907) 451-8151

Email: frontdesk@chenahotsprings.com

REV. JUN 16, 2016 10PM DF 



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