Bernie Karl chats with Alaska Dispatch News

Alaska Dispatch News reporter Scott Jensen spent the day with Bernie Karl, Proprietor Chena Hot Springs Resort on May 29, 2016 and learned about all the renewable energy projects the resort offers.


 June 6, 2016 10AM DF


Lonely Planet makes Fairbanks a top Pick (Reprinted from the Associated Press)

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — Lonely Planet has named Fairbanks its No. 2 travel destination in the U.S.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner ( reports that Fairbanks was surpassed on Lonely Planet's list by just one other travel destinations — Louisville, Ky.

Washington's San Juan Islands came in third.

Lonely Planet posted its "Top 10 U.S. Destinations for 2013" on Wednesday. U.S. travel editor Robert Reid says the 2013 list was compiled with a goal of steering people toward under-appreciated destinations.

Lonely Planet says the big draw in Fairbanks next year will be the Northern Lights, which should be particularly active next year and a hit with aurora-seeking tourists.

The complete list is available online at



Follow this link to see a flier for the new women's locker room addition.



Photo taken by Aaron Corbeil





New sinks installed in the new women's locker room addition at Chena.The long awaited women's locker room addition is now complete and open for use at Chena Hot Springs Resort!  Come out to Chena and check them out!

New showers inside of the new addition.


New Activitorium Completed at Chena


The new building attached to the Activity Center at Chena, called the Activitorium was completed on August 25, 2012.  This new building will be a large gathering space for guests wanting to view the Aurora Borealis in winter due to its clear plastic roof.


7th Annual Chena Hot Springs Renewable Energy Fair Resounding Success

Renewable Energy Fair attendees sit and stand in Chena's new Activitorim during the keynote address session.On Sunday, August 26, 2012 the 7th Annual Chena Hot Springs Renewable Energy Fair took place at Chena Hot Springs Resort.  The event was a resounding success with 791 individuals in attendance.  The day was another wet one for the Fair but despite this spirits were high with attendees and vendors alike excited to learn and share information on sustainable living and renewable energy. 

Technical sessions and tours of the Chena’s latest and greatest filled up most of the day’s schedule with activities for the kids and displays by vendors as well for all participates to take part in.  The keynote address session took place in Chena’s brand new Activitorim building.  The building, made up of recycled materials owned by Chena, will serve as a meeting location, greenhouse, and aurora borealis viewing area.

The Fair was lucky enough to host the entire congressional delegation of Alaska this year.  Senator Lisa Murkowski, Representative Don Young, and Senator Mark Begich were all on hand to give their two cents on renewable energy and sustainability in Alaska.  Other keynote speakers included local mayors, state representatives, senators, DOE representatives, and renewable energy experts.

It was a great day for renewable energy education and a great day for anyone who enjoys a free hot dog.  The theme was “Renewable is Doable” and it seemed that everyone involved left the Resort at the end of the day with that idea fresh on their minds.


Chena Takes Home "Best Automobile Award" in Golden Days Parade

Marchers representing Chena Hot Springs Resort hold up the banner for the "Best Automobile Award" next to their gasifier powered Ford Model T at this year's Golden Days Parade on July 21, 2012.

The Annual Kinross Fort Knox Mine Golden Days Parade took place this last Saturday in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Despite the rainy weather, the parade was well attended and brought out many participants.  The parade vehicles and floats were as creative as ever and displayed a great deal creativity from all the different organizations involved.

Chena Hot Springs Resort was among the participants again this year, out to promote their upcoming 7th Annual Chena Hot Springs Renewable Energy due to take place on August 26th at Chena Hot Springs Resort.  To promote this year’s Fair, the folks at Chena entered their gasifier powered Ford Model T, a vehicle which can operate solely off of wood chips for fuel.  This demonstration of renewable energy allowed the Chena team to take home the Parade’s “Best Automobile Award.”  In addition to this the people at Chena also were awarded a “Yummy Award” from KWOLF 98.1 FM for their display of Chena Fresh vegetables, all of which were grown in Chena’s All Season Greenhouse.

This year’s Golden Days Parade was a great success for everyone involved.  Spirits were high and the people of Fairbanks enjoyed their time watching the show, even with Mother Nature raining on their parade.


Fishing at Chena!

Fourteen year old, Theron Lee, from Winfield, Alabama, caught this beautiful Alaskan grayling while fly fishing at Chena Hot Springs Resort.

Monument Creek winds peacefully through Chena Hot Springs Resort and provides easy access to guests wishing to wet a hook. The Chena Hot Springs Beaver Pond, on the west side of the property, is also a great fishing spot for anglers of all ages.  Its open spaces, with little vegetation on its banks, provide easy casting for novice anglers.  (For experienced anglers, the Resort does rent canoes.) 

The Beaver Pond is stocked with feisty grayling (pictured above), which mostly eat aquatic insects and enjoy the seasonal mayflies, stone flies and caddis flies.  Monument Creek and the Beaver Pond are walking distance from the center of the resort.

Even though catch and release rules apply, Chena guests can take full advantage of the year round season, which peaks from June to October.

Chena does have a small selection of spinning rods for rent and we do sell non-resident one day licenses in our Activity Center but we do recommend that that you bring your own fly rod. 

We look forward to your visit!


Bernie Karl Speaks at TEDxAnchorage Event

Chena Hot Springs Resort information booth at TEDxAnchorage.

Bernie Karl, proprietor of Chena Hot Springs Resort, spoke at the annual TEDxAnchorage event last Saturday.

"TEDxAnchorage is committed to sharing with Alaska's communities the depth of insight found at other TED events while adding the best thought leaders and action-oriented individuals Alaska and the US have to offer."

TEDx is an independently organized speaking event that is produced in conjunction with nationwide TED guidelines.  TED itself is a nonprofit organization that started in 1984 as a conference that brought together individuals involved in technology, entertainment, and design (TED) to simply aide in the spreading of good ideas.  Today, TEDx events are held all over the country and are still committed to spreading good ideas and information.

Chena Hot Springs Resort was honored to participate in this event and share our ideas on sustainability and renewable energy technology.



"Lemonade Day is a FREE, fun, experiential, business education program that teaches youth ages 5-17 how to start, own and operate their own business using a lemonade stand. On one day across our country youth learn fundamental lessons about life, success and themselves. They earn profits, share with charities and stimulate local economies." -

Chena Hot Springs Resort is proud to sponsor Lemonade Day, an event that has swept the nation with popularity in just the last four years.  It is a one day event that will take place on May 6, 2012 all around the nation and Alaska.  This will be the first year it has officially taken place in Fairbanks and we at Chena Hot Springs are giving it our all to get the word out.

Online registration for Lemonade Day has already begun and there will be a physical registration event held at Noel Wien Library Auditorium on March 11, 2012.

For more information contact Rebecca Leivdal at (907) 378-1808 or at




Chena Hot Springs Mentioned as one of the "World's Most Beautiful Places to Soak"

In an article by Miriam B. Weiner on Yahoo! Travel, Chena Hot Springs Resort is listed as one of the "World's Most Beautiful Places to Soak."

Chena is listed third after Thermae Bath Spa in Bath England and Molori Safari Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.

So what are you waiting for?  Book a trip to Chena today and take advantage of our 50% Holiday Special!  Time is running out, so act fast.

We'll see you at the resort!


6th Annual Chena Hot Springs Renewable Energy Fair Great Success Despite Wet Weather

The 6th Annual Chena Hot Springs Renewable Energy Fair took place at Chena Hot Springs on August 14th and despite the wet weather was a great success.  The Fair brought out folks from all over the state who were interested in participating and expanding their knowledge of renewable energy.

There were several new and groundbreaking technologies showcased at this year’s fair but Makoto Takizawa and Akinori Ito from the Japanese company Blest Co. definitely stole the show.  Their innovative Plastic to Oil machine showed participants that used plastic that is normally dumped in a landfill can find another life as fuel.  Their presentation, combined with their display of the revolutionary technology definitely had the crowd enthralled.

There was quite a list of speakers lined up for the day of the fair as well.  The Lt. Governor made a showing as well as several other Alaskan politicians.  The technical sessions at the fair were very interesting and were presented by experts in renewable energy and sustainability from all over Alaska.

The day of the Fair was a wet one at Chena Hot Springs but because of the quality of speakers, quality of entertainment, and great service provided by the staff of the resort, everyone left with a smile on their faces.

For another recap on the events of the 6th Annual Chena Hot Springs Renewable Energy Fair, follow this link to see a short video of the fair featured on



Last Saturday the people of Chena Hot Springs participated in the annual Kinross Fort Knox Gold Mine Grande Parade in support of the Golden Days celebration in Fairbanks, Alaska and to promote the upcoming Chena Renewable Energy Fair on August 14th at Chena Hot Springs Resort.

The theme for the parade was "For Gold Times Sake."  Participants were encouraged to wear early 1900s era clothing and decorate their floats in the same manner.  The people of Chena didn't disappoint with owners Bernie and Connie Karl participating in very authentic turn of the century garb.

The float used in the parade was a refurbished 1925 Ford Model T, which when asked, Mr. Karl would say "Still purrs like a kitten in a creamery."

The parade was a resounding success with hundreds of local Fairbanks residents showing up to watch and participate.


4th of July BBQ at Chena!

Bring the family and join us for a 4th of July BBQ on Monday, July 4 in the Resort's Activity Center from 11AM-7PM. Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and lemonade. Adults 13+ $11, Children ages 12 and under $7.

2 for 1 pricing on Guided Horseback Rides (not hand held rides) $80 adults, $40 children.

2 for 1 pricing on Dog Cart rides $60


Global Food Alaska 2011

Last week Chena Hot Springs Resort’s sister company Chena Fresh participated in Global Food Alaska; a conference that only takes place once every two years.  It’s an event meant to bring together suppliers of Alaskan food with buyers to bring Alaska grown and produced foods to the state and the rest of the world.

The conference took place on June 8th and 9th and showcased foods, packaging techniques, ways to bring products to the market, and several other industry viable subjects.  There were workshops, speakers from around the state, and delicious Alaska made foods to sample.

As a part of the event Chena Fresh raffled away four baskets of Chena Fresh produce.  The winners couldn’t have been happier! 

The event was a success thanks to the hard work of Robin Richardson, the member manager of GFC-Connect, her hard working team, and all of the participants of the conference.  The folks at Chena Fresh can’t wait to participate in Global Food Alaska 2013!



Recently an employee at Chena was able to snag these pictures of Alaskan grayling returning to Chena's streams to spawn.  Just another example of the beautiful variety of wildlife available to see at Chena Hot Springs Resort!



This year's Alaska Wood Energy Conference held in Fairbanks, Alaska came to a close on Wednesday at 5pm.  The conference was a three day event that kicked off with two tours on Monday for conference participants of Superior Pellet Fuels’ facility and Chena Power's Clean Biomass Power Plant located at K&K Recycling.  At each location participants were lead on a tour that examined each facility and created discussion about the benefits of utilizing biomass as a source of power in Alaska.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the conference got into full gear with panel presentations by various wood energy experts and Alaskan do-it-yourselfers.  The main topics covered were forest resource identification and management, residential applications for biomass energy and, combined heat and power technology.  The conference provided a forum for various green energy minded individuals to come together and share with each other about all their successes and hiccups along the way to making a greener future for Alaska possible. 

For more information on the Chena Power Clean Biomass Power Plant please follow this link.



Today, the Chena Hot Springs decorative SUSV or "snow coach" has found a new home between carousel 1 and 2 a the Fairbanks International Airport.  So next time you have guests coming to visit, stop by the snow coach for a look inside.  Pick up some brochures while you're there and learn about all the amazing winter and summer activities that Chena Hot Springs Resort has to offer!