Bernie Karl & Connie Parks-Karl welcome you to Chena!

When owners Bernie and Connie Parks-Karl first purchased Chena Hot Springs Resort from the State of Alaska in 1998, their vision was to keep the resort’s natural surroundings and add a new 40 room Moose Lodge to the existing 32 Signature Rooms and 8 Family Suites.

The outdoor hot springs rock lake was added that summer to offer adults (ages 18+) a place to relax and enjoy the peaceful setting.

Bernie’s vision for the resort in addition to his other passion, recycling, wanted to make the resort more environmentally friendly and use geothermal technology to power it.

So an engineer was hired and they went to work. Patents were issued, new technology developed and new business partnerships formed.

Today that vision not only provides heat and electricity for the resort but it also keeps the Aurora Ice Museum a cool 25 degrees Fahrenheit inside year-round.

The geothermal heated greenhouses produce lettuce and tomatoes for the resort’s restaurant and 45+ employees on a year-round basis with a few different types of fruit grown for good measure.

The resort is truly a one-of-a-kind destination whether you are interested in Aurora viewing tours, relaxing in the hot springs, enjoying an “appletini” in the Aurora Ice Museum, getting a fabulous therapeutic massage, taking dog sled or cart rides, enjoying flight-seeing tours or any of the other fabulous activities offered year-round. Come visit us today!


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